Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday June 29, 2010

This morning I started by looking at some of the artists Kate Beck posted on her blog site. Such wonderful artists, my life if fuller because I have looked at them. Kate Beck is such a generous artist to share all of the artists she likes!

Today promises to be a another busy day. I will have to go to town today. I always hate that, I always have to go to the grocery store, since I am going to be in town anyway. And I have to go to the framer, they called and said they have work ready for me, and to the post office. What I have to do, when what I want to do, is to be here working.

I am rereading Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire and in it, he says, "The sun went down and the light mellowed over the sand and distance and hoodoo rocks " pinnacled dim in the intense inane." A few stars appeared, scattered liberally through space. The solitary owl called.

Finally the moon came up, a golden globe behind the rocky fretwork of the horizon, a full and delicate moon that floated light as a leaf upon the dark slow current of the night. A face that watched me from the other side."

He sets up this moment in the desert, as no other. For the past few nights the moon over Taos has been full or almost full and the night so bright it seems like mid-day.

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Anonymous said...

The design, shapes, and coloring of the above piece say an epic statement about the Southwest without words, and your love of where you live comes through clearly. Powerful work.