Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday July 11, 2010 The Day of the Solar Eclipse

I took this photo in Ranchos, on the way to Santa Fe. We have had rain, so the fields are lust.

According to Lisa Zimmerman, you may not recognize yourself today or where you are, but don't be frightened--you may have taken a sidways step into a new reality where you feel different. You may have just arrived in a new country where you don't speak the language yet. She says it is all because of the Solar Eclipse, which should happen soon. This Solar Eclipse is a New Moon in Cancer that rules, home, family, security and your emotional needs.

Still on the way to Santa Fe, I took this shot of the Rio Grand.

You may be struggling to keep up. But on the other hand, if there is a crisis in your life, look for the opportunity and make some decisions. stay away from places, people and situations that are not energetically clean if possible. If you are tired, get some rest. Be with yourself, nature and the elements. Appreciate every opportunity and be grateful. Look to beauty to keep your inspired and looking to the future.

I went to Santa Fe, to meet with friends that were in Santa Fe, on holiday. These were old, and dear friends. We determined that it had probably been about five years since we had actually seen each other. They had made plans to go the the Big International Folk Art Festival, and they asked me to join them.

This is one of the family pets, an old and trusted companion. He is a kind, and beautiful spirit.

One of my dearest friends. We have shared much and how can you say what an old friend means? She is sweet and gentle, full of life, and curiosity about all things. I am sorry we haven't seen each other more often in the last few years. It seemed like there were always other things in our lives that kept us apart. Where does the time go? Even though I try to lead my life filled with important things, sometimes we become aware we have neglected the most important things. I guess that is where regret comes from.

I took my camera with me to Santa Fe, and we took some pics when I first met with my friends, but unfortunately I forgot to take the camera with me to the Folk Art Festival, so I will have to find the words to tell you all about it.

The booths were manned by the artisans from the different countries from around the world, with many countries I did not know and had never seen their names before. The artisans were dressed in their native costumes, oh how I hated that I forgot the camera!

First we parked in town, and had to take the shuttle. Needless to say it was very crowded and hot. Unusually hot and humid for Santa Fe. The booths were really crowded, and it was hard get up close to see the objects. There was wonderful fabrics, and clothes-- like jackets, skirts, and fabulous coats, all handmade. There were colorful sarapes; reds, yellows, blues, browns, from Peru and Mexico.

And wonderful handmade objects from many different areas of Mexico. A collector from the Texas/Mexico border told me, " You don't see these things from Mexico anymore." Beautiful handmade jewelry; silver and gold. There was wonderful pottery from Turkey, and France. All the time, hot, and crowded, this must never be forgotten, hot and crowded. There must be another way, and maybe next year it will be better.

All kinds of things from Africa, drums, mud cloth, and carvings. There were many beautiful things from remote areas of China.
And all the, hard to pronounce 'stans, with beautiful rugs. There were so many beautiful things it truly boggled the mind.

The Folk Art Festival was on Museum Hill, under big tents. Lots of multi colored flags, and music blared representing the music of the different countries. There was another problem, you couldn't pay when you purchased something, but there was another line--to pay. And don't forget hot and crowded.

It was an unforgettable experience, but hard work! If I were to go again in the future, I would be more prepared, take camera, water, food, patience, umbrella, dress light, take a jacket. I guess to be fair, I really don't like crowded happenings, eyes and ears were assaulted. It is so different from the way I live my life. After all I am a hermit.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Visiting with dear friends is always good but a hot crowded day at an folk art festival sounds painful. I just don't have desire to wander in such a best I would have found myself a small space of shade and watch the parade of people. Your two photos of the green Rancho area and the river are stunning!

annell said...

I really don't know how this works? When I respond on my post, will you see it Miss Blue? Send me a signal, if you get this--"jerk on the string." I hope that is so. I did want you, if you did read it, to know exactly the experience, and you got it. That was exactly what I was trying to say. And yes, New Mexico is stunning, it didn't get that title, "Land of Enchantment" for nothing. Each way you turn is beautiful! Maybe I did die and I am in heaven?

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Yanking on the cord! Have a great day in the studio! Mary Ann