Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday July 8, 2010

What will this day bring? Yesterday, I finished the day, but the job wasn't complete. One thing I promised myself was to organize older work, photograph it, and inventory it. I started the task yesterday. I worked from early morning until noon, and had to interrupt myself and my work to go to town. Back in the afternoon and worked another hour.

This is only one drawer in a file cabinet. Since I work everyday, and much of the work is on paper. As it is finished, it is covered up by the next work, and forgotten. Some of the works I didn't even remember. Others were like old friends, and it was good to see them. I'm sure I should destroy some of them, but that is always a hard choice, since each was done to the best of my ability, and I was exploring a particular problem.

When I first moved to Taos, and realized I had brought myself to the "edge of the world." My work had been about the urban experience, and here I was in a very remote place. The path was not straight. I am an artist that is affected by "place." How to talk about it. I arrived at a series of work I call Fragments. I realized that we did not think in complete ideas, and did not remember in complete pictures, but it was all in fragment, bits and pieces. And often we took pieces and tried to create a "whole." As I said my work was about the urban experience, based on the grid, made up of squares. I would qualify the light of the day.

The Fragments were determined by a random process and the addition of the diagonal line. Allowing me to think more about mountains, rivers, and sky. The land of New Mexico, and the color was determined by the colors around me.

As I worked on this series Fragments, I worked in different mediums and different sizes, looking for the just right medium and size. These two works were completed in traditional watercolor, wet into wet.

So today before the sun gets too high in the sky I will return to my work, and hopefully I will complete at least this drawer.

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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

It's always good to look back at work and it sounds like your are photographing older work. I wish you well on that as it isn't my favorite chore...much rather be dripping paint!