Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday August 15, 2010 Sunset in Taos, New Mexico

There are those moments in life that are just so incredible! I wish sometime it would stay that way forever, but change it must. The skies in Taos are the most beautiful ever. They are breathtaking, they seem to fill your chest and it is hard to breath, it is all just too beautiful! Saturday night was just this kind of night.

Actually every sunset is beautiful and the amazing thing is every day the sky is different, and when I say different I mean dramatically different.

Tonight the color changed so quickly. I looked out and the clouds seemed different. I got the camera and suddenly the sky seemed to be on fire.

And then just as quickly the fire went out. I was alone, the beautiful color was gone. There was only that little fingernail of a moon keeping me company.

It was like a symphony of color exploding before my eyes, and I swear my ears could hear it, too. Now all was quiet on the mesa. The beautiful colors that had painted the sky, had faded to grays -- still beautiful, but silent, not a sound, not even the chirp of a cricket -- which is often heard in the late afternoon. It was as if the whole world knew that we had just witnessed an extraordinary event, and as in the symphony hall, after the completion of a performance, you could hear a pin drop. Night fell quickly on this summer night. All is magic!

SUNDAY, AUGUST 15, 2010 Prompt 129: Beginning

What is the beginning,
But the other side of life's coin,
I was born in the middle.
And the middle is where,
All the little juicy things happen.

Sunday 160 Summer Heat

The heat of summer
Makes me crazy

I long for winter's
Cold Breath

Today promises another

The air so hot
I think I'll die

All is hot
Melancholy stops my heart


  1. nice. it has been bristly hot this summer...we have had rain for the last two days and it has been a relief...those skies at the first o fthe post...could not have been painted more beautiful...amazing...

    fyi...over at Monkeys there is no theme you just just post whatever as long as it is 160 characters...

  2. I too wait for the winters. Summers are horrendous over here.

    red sand

  3. What a great series of beautiful sunset photos. Not having been to Taos, New Mexico, it gave a good feel of an early evening's view. Also, thank you for your Sunday 160 contribution. Loved it.

  4. oh i wish we had some more sun this summer over here in germany...
    the pictures on your post are absolutely breath-taking - wow...

  5. Amazing photographs! So maybe that summer heat brings this beauty with it as a consolation prize. Lovely post.

  6. Your photos are magic and so are your words.

  7. I envy you the photos, the breathtaking beauty, and agree with whoever said above that they just might be the compensation for surviving the heat. I don't do well in weather extremes, so Winter in Wisconsin does not bring on melancholy, so much as chills and a constant awareness of old stiff joints. Thanks for this peacefilled moment with which to end my day,


  8. Hi Annell: I input your link manually yesterday from the link you had submitted. So it's all done. Next week you will do it yourself, as always, except with the new link service. Great site here!

  9. I don't know about you Annell, your Beginnings poem is so ambiguous! I like my take but can't say! :o And the photos! Wow!

  10. Hello Annell; your photographs are wonderful! Those sunsets are amazing, and I guess the reason it changes is that if it stayed like that, no one would be able to take their eyes off the sky. I have a hard time doing that anyway; it can be dangerous when driving! :) I also love the photo of the earth woman, and am curious as to how you did it- Photoshop, or glue?

  11. What an amazing sunset you captured!

  12. Intriguing photograph of the green woman and summer heat is fantastic. I think we're in for a sizzling summer here in South Africa.