Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday August 28, 2010 End of Summer

"End of summer makes me wistful", lovely words from a poem by Ase Lilleskare Faugstad, which captures my feelings about the end of summer. Sunflowers bloom along road sides, the nights are cooler, the light seems softer and there is an anticipation in the air of the coming of winter, which is just around the corner. Roasted corn along road sides and the smell of roasted chilies. The footsteps seems lighter, there are preparations to be made. People are gathering wood into large well ordered wood piles. I am told that is how the native people know it will be a hard winter, if the local people make large woodpiles. You begin to smell wood smoke in the chilly mornings. There will be celebrations at the pueblo soon.

Taos Mountain, the mother mountain, the sacred mountain of the valley, is a reassuring landmark. She seems to be anticipating the coming winter, and will welcome her warm, white blanket of snow. She will be transformed into the snow princess. Clean, white, sparkling against the clear blue New Mexico sky.

When I turn East, I am looking toward Taos Pueblo. Probably the most beautiful part of Taos Valley. The name Taos means, where the red willow grow, and the willow are turning red along streams and rivers.

Facing South I am looking toward Santa Fe. The fall is the most beautiful time of the year. Apples are getting ripe, and sold along roadsides and there is a bounty at the farmers markets. The trees are turning lovely shades of yellows, golds, and reds. New Mexico is truly an enchanting place to be!


Marilyn said...

What magnificent photos - your landscape is so different to any place I have seen. your words are beautiful too, I enjoyed reading them.

Ian Foster said...

Thank you for your beautiful photographs, although your landscape is very different to ours I can completely empathise with you words.

Stafford Ray said...

Beautiful phots and loving words describing where you live, so different from anywhere here except maybe our alpine region where summers are hot and winter brings snow. Here in sunny Queensland, winters are warm and summers warmer with rare days cold enough for a jacket an hour after sun up!
Thanks for comment on Pakistani floods. Your words are poetry so I took the liberty of arranging them that way. I hope you approve.

jgy said...

Beautiful combination of words and imagery.
Looks gorgeous where you are.
It's nice to meet you and I look forward to visit again.