Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday August 24, 2010 One Shot Poetry

This One

Have you ever wondered
About the path you have chosen?
I take a step
And I wonder?

Too soon to make a decision.
I weigh the situation.
I am surrounded by unfinished projects.
How can I begin another?

I am determined to get some finish
In here, somewhere,
I take another step,
And I wonder?

The weight of all this unfinished work,
Begins to feel like the weight of the world,
The universe -- all of the cosmos.
I take another step and I wonder?

Maybe all the unfinished projects,
Should be thrown in the trash,
Like yesterday's kitchen garbage.
I take another step and I wonder?

Or...I could complete the tasks at hand,
Head down, push the peanut
Up the hill -- stay with it.
There is no limit,
How's it going?

To finish a task,
Feels good,
To polish the windows on the bus,
The load is lighter.
This is the one ...I've chosen.

I take another step, and I know!


signed...bkm said...

Really like the message of courage and strength here...I know that I need messages like this to keep moving on and onward...blessings...bkm

Brian Miller said...

each day is another step along the road...each completed project gives way to another...i think movement does make it lighter than when you stand there under the load...nice oneshot!

Carrie Burtt said...

An inspirational message here to move forward, we all need that nudge. Thank you. :-)

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Keep moving forward, takes courage, you say? Wise words here...a good oneshot!

TALON said...

I really like the message here - and it's a great reminder to take on those unfinished tasks (one by one) and remember how good it feels to finish them. Sometimes I wonder if we chose the path or the path chose us...

dustus said...

Can definitely relate to your poem and appreciate the many ways you express feelings coinciding with tasks that pile up. Love the positive vibe to it and the line "Head down, push the peanut
Up the hill -- stay with it." What an image!

layers said...

I am very impressed that you are a poet and visual artist.. wonderful inspiring poem here!

SandyCarlson said...

Sometimes I think the hardest challenge is taking enough steps to get beyond the uncertainty. Beautiful poem.

Suz said...

wow nice one Annell

Desert Rose said...

I agree with Sandy,it is hard to decide when we just don't know..loved the flow and the depth of your poem Annell,brilliant one shot! :))

Marilyn said...

You could have written especially for me as it fits me so well, so many things started but not finished, I must take your words on board and get on and complete them step by step.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your message in this piece. Great write in that I think it applies to everyone that reads it at some point in their lives. Be Inspired Today! Love and Light, Sender

willow said...

"To polish the windows on the bus, the load is lighter." Love that.

And I am fascinated by "place of red willows". Thank you for that wonderful little nugget of knowledge!

Claudia said...

oh i know this feeling so well…and you expressed it with such thoughtful words…love also the last line - to polish….and light comes in

Ben Langhinrchs said...

So, today, you chose to write a poem, and you polished it well. Good work.

You are welcome to stop over and let me know what you think of my (less serious) poem: http://bit.ly/de54U6

Beachanny said...

One foot in front of another. How many times have we all thought that we just had to keep going? I know I have. Good poem and well realized. You finished this poem. When I was young I was somewhat compulsive about ending, but life's experiences leaves one with many unfinished projects, some abandoned, some waiting to mature. Good poem. Appreciate your letting me read it. Thanks & thanks for coming by & reading mine :)

PattiKen said...

I enjoyed this. As one who is really good at starting new projects and not so good at finishing them, i totally relate. Maybe you've inspired me.

AmyLK said...

I love when I finish a project. And I have so many started! lol

Pete Marshall said...

your reference to the peanut was superb...i so understand what you are saying and i also sensed a tinge of sadness as if there was a knowledge that there was not much time left either..thanks for linking up with one shot..i am behind..see another project i am trying to finish..cheers pete