Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday August 24, 2010 One Shot Poetry

This One

Have you ever wondered
About the path you have chosen?
I take a step
And I wonder?

Too soon to make a decision.
I weigh the situation.
I am surrounded by unfinished projects.
How can I begin another?

I am determined to get some finish
In here, somewhere,
I take another step,
And I wonder?

The weight of all this unfinished work,
Begins to feel like the weight of the world,
The universe -- all of the cosmos.
I take another step and I wonder?

Maybe all the unfinished projects,
Should be thrown in the trash,
Like yesterday's kitchen garbage.
I take another step and I wonder?

Or...I could complete the tasks at hand,
Head down, push the peanut
Up the hill -- stay with it.
There is no limit,
How's it going?

To finish a task,
Feels good,
To polish the windows on the bus,
The load is lighter.
This is the one ...I've chosen.

I take another step, and I know!