Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday September 4, 2010 Some of my Companions

There is a guest that I often,
Find in my house.
This is anticipation.
Yes, something is going to happen,
Something unexpected.

There is no telling,
What will happen,
When hanging out,
With myself.

My constant companion is fun,
And fun is something I can count on,
When with myself, alone.
It is not really the funny kind of fun,

Instead, just a quiet,
Satisfying kind of fun.
And we are always prepared,
If someone wants to join us.

Melancholy came by for a while,
And I realized she is there when
I breath in and out.
She explores my interior,

Usually she doesn't stay long,
For I do not give her the attention,
She longs for.
She wants it to be all about her,

And really, I just don't have the time.
You never know,
When she will appear,
But I know her in my breath.

Of course sometimes disappointment comes,
Or just appears without warning,
Sometimes I see him out of the
Corner of my eye,

He's in the corner,
Alone in the shadows,
But again I have no time for him,
He will quietly leave, when I get busy.

I guess the one that is most,
Difficult to endure is longing.
Longing for what I do not have,
For the one who is out of sight,

Longing seems to creep in at night.
Leave no window or door unlocked,
He steals my sleep,
And often he brings worry with him.

Sometimes they roll me out,
Of my comfortable bed,
That has become a torture device.
The want me to pass the time,

Play cards, and make dangerous wagers.
I always try to look as if I am sleeping,
Peep out with just one eye,
But usually they win,
And won't leave until the sun rises,
Above Taos Mountain.

Oh the companions I keep!
In the morning I can call them losers,
But they know the path to my door,
And they won't be denied.

Come sundown, they often return,
One by one,

There is another old lady that lives near me,
I call her loneliness. She simpers and wines,
And clings to my skirt.
She's a bore,
And sometimes she just won't leave.

But still, I greet each morning with,
That old anticipation and wonder.
Who's coming by to see me today?
Maybe it will be you,
What a relief!