Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday October 11, 2010 Potluck Poetry -- Beaches and Mountains

Beaches and Mountains

I didn't know how
To love your beaches,
They were lonely and flat,
You couldn't love my mountains,
You said, they oppressed.

But I loved you,
Smell of cedar,
And you loved
My loneliness.

At the beach
You were my mountain,
My touchstone,
You left with a wave,
And now I'm alone
In the mountains.

I left a note in the bottle,
So you would know,
"Look for me
In the Mountains."


  1. this is beautiful,
    timeless word painting...
    well done!

  2. I am the beach person, my husband the mountain person. Funny how that is. I need the constant wash of the waves to clear my mind, the sandy long stretch of beach to walk out what needs walking.
    Your poem addressed that so well.

  3. ringing truth! ah!

    how can our love of mountains not be shared?
    i alone go there as well.

  4. Wonderful word imagery. I love both so much and have bits of both here...they hold my heart in turns.

  5. very poignant....can you see me waving to you?

  6. Lovely, lovely images in your words - I like how you played with them, though your poem has a sadness... For me, I don't think I could live without either mountains or beaches anymore.

  7. There is nothing as great as the nature here on this planet.. and you just made it sure. .I loved the imagery of your mountains and breaches...

    जय दुर्गा जी, जय काली माँ
    Jai Durga ji, Jai Kali Ma

    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  8. oh you will find me in the mountains as well...dont get wrong when i lived in FL it was great but i pined for the tall rocks...

  9. Wonderful words, so full of meaning.

  10. This is so good. It has me thinking of the love that challenges incompatibility. That is me reading my own experiences into your work. But your words take me to a new place of understanding and wonder. Thanks.

  11. A beautifully sad poem, I think it's wonderful! Thanks for posting at Potluck :)

  12. Annell, there are so many ways this can be interpreted, so many stories. As you wrote later...
    "Like a special lens,
    Poetry helps to to see,
    What is hidden
    And what is right before us".
    A poignant mind-wander through loss to hope!