Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday October 18, 2010 POETRY POTLUCK -- Seven Deadly Sins

Since sin itself is an archery term.
Meaning to "miss the mark."
If one were in battle,
To miss the mark seven times,
Might be deadly indeed.


  1. oh nice place on the word meaning...very nice piece...

    on the other hand first time i saw the one in the theatre breathed until we were outside...whew.

  2. yes, the original 'sin' turns out to be only an error in marksmanship - what we've made of it since is perhaps the real sin.

  3. a gentle touch on the subject, but the impact is powerful.
    fabulous entry.

  4. i didn't know that about archery/sin.....

    such strange sounding words
    those sins..
    sloth, gluttony..
    i want nothing to do with them!

  5. Lovely take Annell, but I wonder how sin applies to that chubby little archer, Cupid!
    Is it a sin when he hits or a sin when he misses!

  6. Sure might be! I like what you did with this prompt. I enjoy learning something new about the word and to wonder why it might have come to mean that.

  7. Anne Dear, what a subtle take and yet so meaningful.. I am so impressed- very very different indeed!!

    Sinfully deadly.. xox
    Happy Potluck

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  10. Hi. I have been away teaching a workshop and then home trying to get caught up and back into the groove.. my goodness, all seven sin together really would be quite a battle.

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  12. With a zillion sinful thoughts in head..
    It cries but they never die...

    I wish I could be a perfect sinner.. :)
    Remarkable...thought provoking succinct piece of work.. too good.
    Regards~ Sayandeep.