Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday November 19, 2010 Chapbook Challenge, Day 19

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The challenge today was to write a poem with a hole in it.

There are Holes in Most Everything
When considering a hole,
You will find, there
Are holes in most everything.

Some are good,
And others are to be avoided,
Some are open,
And let the sun shine through,
Others are shallow, not too deep.

Some are heavy,
Much too much to carry,
Others are small,
Just big enough for a button.

Some are useful,
While others are painful,
There are holes in most everything.

Holes in the ground,
Holes in the sky,
Holes in your heart,
For no reason why.


Elizabeth said...

There are holes in everything. I went round and round with this and finally went back to the first image that struck when I read the prompt. If we aren't digging holes we are frantically trying to fill them. And I really like your final two lines,


Cad said...

I know all about holes in the heart - though luckily not the physical ones!

Brian Miller said...

you know this was fun and ends on a sharp note...i like it...