Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday November 22, 2010 One Stop Poetry/Thanksgiving

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Four days until Thanksgiving,
As a child this was always a holiday,
Of friends and family.
I look back,
And like confitti,
The days of my life,
Flutter colorfully before me.
Each piece hard to catch,
For up close inspection.

People and places,
All are gone now,
Only in memory,
They gather round the table,
Wrapped in familiar holiday smells,
Raise their glasses,
In love and good cheer.

Today perhaps life
Seems more a burden,
Open wounds of loss,
Too fresh to ignore.
The heart misses,
The ones who are not here,
Age amd illness.
Have slowed the pace,
Footsteps unsteady.

But through it all,
A day to celebrate,
We are still here,
Though slightly diminished,
Life is still good,
Give thanks,
One more year,
One more holiday.

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Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Lovely poem, Annell. I hope your Thanksgiving will be peaceful & filled with gratitude, if for nothing else, for all the treasured memories.