Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday November 22, 2010 Take a Stand

The prompt was to create a poem about a "stand", take a stand, or build a stand, etc.etc.

I hate to have to take a stand,
It's not that I'm maleable,
Or can easily be pushed around,
It's just that I hate comfrontation.

I find I'm usually on the
"Other" side of the fence,
On any issue.
I don't really care,
That people have
A different point of view.

I assume they have,
Come to it,
After much thought,
Just like myself.
I'm not interested,
In changing minds,
Hard and firm,
Just like my own.

The current political temperature,
Has set family member,
Against family member,
Religion against religion.
When it comes to politics.
The battle of the North and South,
Rages on today.......


Elizabeth said...

In politics, I seldom take a stand. Will offer an opinion, but only if asked and am usually shaking my head while mumbling it. Or shrugging my shoulders. The only stand I will take in that arena is "I really don't know about any of that." And just like you, that has nothing to do with being maleable, lol.


Stafford Ray said...

'The battle of the North and South,
Rages on today'. And it always has and always will.

Annelle, this is a very intelligent and thought provoking piece.

Like you, I avoid confrontation and isn't that normal? But in the scheme of things we are doomed to compete/fight over everything from ideas to liebensraum.

The challenge now (for me) is to include everyone into the same tribe so we can look outwards and concentrate our efforts on the big picture and threats to our very existence as a species.

SandyCarlson said...

Taking a stand is all we can do, and we must do it. For the ones we love.