Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday November 6, 2010 Challenge #6/ Looking for _________

Looking for Something
I went to the book store,
On the South end of town,
The proprietor offered to help,
But I told her I was looking
for something, but
I didn't know what.

I looked thru the fiction,
And the nonfiction.
Thru the art section.
Thru travel and adventure,
I looked thru the self help,
Just in case.

I left the store empty
Handed. Life
Is that way sometimes,
We need to know what
We are looking for,
We then have more of a
Chance to find it.

But sometimes it is the
Adventure of the hunt.
And who knows after all
Maybe one day we will find it.

Looking for You
My feet in the warm
shallow waves,
I called your name,

I said goodbye in yellow,
As I planted the daffodils.

I stand on the mesa
And howl to the moon.
The Mad Madonna.

You are lost to me
Suddenly the earth trembled,
Your absence fills my heart.