Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday November 18, 2010 PAD Challenge Lost and Found Poem

A Lost and found Poem
Paradise lost is a theme you see,
And found again behind a tree.
I lost my penny,
Then found it again.
Lost my way,
And found home again,
Lost my lover,
Then found another.

Life is like that,
Many things are lost, it seems,
But if we focus on what is found,
Lay it out, on the ground,
A paradise appears to be,
The things we found behind the tree.


Elizabeth said...

Got back from my short trip last night. Saw my new granddaughter and others. Feeling lost this morning, but found me in my own words, then found you and yours and was grateful. Thanks for gently reminding me of what lies hidden just behing that tree.


SandyCarlson said...


I enjoyed this. I have sought that paradise...and found it in your poem.

Cad said...

Lost and found? The older I get, the more this happens...think spectacles, think pen... THINK! LOL :)