Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday November 30, 2010 Lesson Poem


Today is the last day of the challenge and the challenge is to write a lesson poem.

Looking for Soul

I am looking for the soul,

What it looks like?
Where can it be found?
Is it something that can be felt?
Is it simply the essence of all things?

I am looking for the soul,

Can we roll the soul into a ball?
Is it the pony beside the road,
Is it the highway woman,
Is it all the words gone wrong?
Is it every chance taken?
Is it all that failed, or succeeded?

I am looking for the soul,

Is the soul something else?
What do we mean when we say --
Soul searching?
The words were soulful?
The soul of a nation?
Soul music?

I am looking for the soul,

I stand on this earth,
Rooted in my soul,
I seek it everyday,
And yet I can not answer,
The questions I pose to myself.


Tess Kincaid said...

I think I'd like to roll my soul into a ball!

Brian Miller said...

you know..i dont think we will ever get all the answers...not in this life at least...perhaps the sould will one day...

Ian said...


Elizabeth said...

I especially love this piece. Searching on paper is something I do often and amazingly enough, sometimes even find things, I wasn't aware of even searching for. Your questions do ahave answers, and I trust that you shall find them,


Vyoma said...

This is brilliant...an ongoing thought in the minds of one and all...maybe a soul is an idea and this soul made me post this comment for you. Keep writing...when you feel low, remember there are people who think high of you, i am one among the few...i sure am...after reading several posts of yours.
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