Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday November 10, 2010 Challenge #10/ A Love Poem

A Love Poem
The morning is still, and quiet.
The idea of love,
Seems an unexpected thing.
Far from home,
Out at sea,
A rough rider,
Makes a big splash,

Love hurts sometime,
This is also unexpected.
My first thought is romantic love,
But there are so many things
And people to love,
Apart from romance.

Often a love we forget is our work,
I dream of it at night,
It makes me whole,
It invites me to be me,
I can't wait for each day to begin,
The opportunity to be in my work,
I have heard some people don't like their work,
This would make me sad,
My work is my life,
My expression.

And I think of you....
You have turned from me,
Shall I try again to reach you?
Does love continue to try?
Over time is there an answer?

Oh, love is such a complicated thing.
Sometimes love returns to you,
Without rhyme or reason,
You pick up the phone there it is,
You open a box,
Something in that box
Reminds you of the missing,
Love is everywhere,
It's up to you to find it.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Love is a many splendored thing...

Elizabeth said...

This sounds like I felt this morning when I looked at the prompt. Me? Write a love poem? Oh yeah. But then it started in my head and I followed it and see you doing the same thing. It's such a big topic, so all emcomapsing somehow. I think you did better than I. At least you got to the you of love, and you are right, it is everywhere, all you have to do is find it.