Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday November 3, 2010 2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 3

The sky is wide, too big,
To gather into my arms,
Instead it gathers me.

The color is often the bluest blue,
Clouds position themselves into,
Abstract patterns 360 degrees.
Wherever you turn the landscape,
Opens up to you,
And you see,
Something never seen before,

The wind scours the land,
And carries memories,
Of ancient things.

If you listen you might hear,
Voices of people from,
Long years ago.

It is called the land of enchantment,
And it is true,
You will find you are enchanted,
Or mesmerized. A dream
In which to wander.

Mountains rise from the desert floor,
And the sage covers the rolling mesas,
To create the illusion of a vast sea,
And when night falls,
The whole sky is filled with bright stars.

In winter the smell of burning pinion
Fills the air.
As after a rain,
The aroma of the sage makes one heady,

I have come to this place,
Like no other,
I have sunk my roots deep,
And I never cease to be amazed.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I've visited your area twice and was deeply there full time must be an amazing experience. It holds magic and always has held magic.

Elizabeth said...

You make me drool with wanting to see this place. Especially like your opening stanza, and the lines about memories of ancient things and long ago people. You have embraced and immersed yourself in this land of enchantment, and on some level, I envy you.


Brian Miller said...

you have painted your land beautifully...dig those roots in deep...would love to see your country...

layers said...

your image and words really do bring up feelings of archaic history and echos of long ago present today.