Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday December 17, 2010 Theme Thursday

My daily course is familiar,
I rarely have to inquire the way,
I pass faces and landmarks I know,
The map I refer to,
Are old tracings upon my heart.

I have traveled the territory of "loss,"
Without a compass,
I rely upon the stars,
I whisper to them,
Ask them to reveal.

Their bright illuminations,
Reflected upon the mirror of water,
A map is created.
I find my way,
And draw this new path
Again -- traced upon my heart.


Nanka said...

Beautiful words etched here and will remain in the heart for a long while for sure!!

"Are old tracings upon my heart." and

"And draw this new path
Again -- traced upon my heart."
are the most beautiful lines for me :)

Wish you all good cheer!!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I enjoyed your poem, but my eye was drawn to the shot of you in your studio, which I found enchanting.