Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday December 18, 2010 Poets United #28 Smell

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Poets United #28

(Even Liberals Sometimes Get Guns)

No smell today,
Not even the smallest scent,
There will be no celebration this year,
No evergreens,
No money in our pockets,
Not even a cent.
The pantry is bare.
The wind howls again the door,
There is no keeping you out,
You're a grinch and a whore.

We'll be shut for Christmas,
Oh dear,...
What should we do?
The jobs have all left,
Sailed over the blue,
No rainbows today,
No cups of good cheer.
No money in our pockets,
Not even a cent.

It never was fair,
But it's worst this year,
The battle goes on,
There is more to fear.
A few leaders out front,
Call your senators,
The toads,
"Reload and cock,"
Inappropriately advised,
No celebration this year.

Not the way things are done,
But to find what is fair,
We might have to get a gun...
Find unusual measures,
Sniff, sniff, the order is foul.
The evidence is in,
The time is now,
No celebration this year.


jaerose said...

Smells like a revolution in the air - I like the attitude of this piece..desperation but not victimhood..Jae

Helen said...

You know who is going to appreciate this! So do I!