Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday December 5, 2010 Sunday Scribblings/Guidance &
#244 Guidance

Today is Sunday,
Day of rest,
The idea of guidance,
And the question of the need for it.
I dare say,
No one knows everything,
So there are so many areas,
In which one could seek guidance.

I am looking at the,
Places where I might find guidance.
Places I go on a regular bases.
When in the end,
We much answer the question.

Friends, often offer guidance,
Or through the questions they ask,
They turn on the light,
Or open the door.
Force us to dive deeper.

There are books to read,
Spending time in the library,
Is time well spent.
Recently, I remembered
As a child one of my favorite
Places to go, was to the library.

When in dialog with yourself,
As you learn -- the questions
You ask of yourself,
Become richer.

Life is like that,
Song and response.
We go about the tasks of the day,
Singing to ourselves,
And responding

When it comes to you,
You are the master,
You alone know who you are.
And you alone,
Know the responses,
To your own questions.

It can be no other way,
Would we ask a stranger,
For guidance, Would we
Blindly follow the advice given?

I also think, there is truth everywhere,
We pass a sign,
We read a story in a newspaper,
And suddenly there is a resonance.
It is as if the words were meant for us alone.
Stay vigilant, be alert,
The universe wishes to speak with you.