Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday January 7, 2011 Poetry Pantry/ River of Stones/ Big Tent Poetry/ Thursday Theme

Stone #7
The tea kettle begins to softly whistle,
Black coffee in open pot,
Smokes curls from the black liquid,
Yellow butter melts atop creamy
Breakfast of oatmeal, walnuts and raisins
Thursday Theme/ prompt: Stairs

Big Tent Poetry/ prompt: feet

The Woman on the Stairs
The Woman who Wasn't There

It is that woman who wasn't there
The woman without feet,
She can't go up the stairs,
But stays where she is.

Yesterday, I saw that woman on the stairs.
The woman who wasn't there.

In a time long ago...
She slipped her feet,
Into the red shoes,
She danced upon the stairs,
Up and down she went,
As if to spread her wings,
She flew!

She sung the words onto the page,
She carefully folded each white sheet,
Then soaked it in the blood of her feet.
Sailing in the little boat,
The white sheet for a sail,
Covered with words,
She sailed the ocean red.
Now you'll find her on the stairs alone.

Again, yesterday I saw that woman on the stairs,
The woman who wasn't there.


Rogue said...

Well done. I love the flow and red and white theme.

Elizabeth said...

Annell, you are mythmaking here and it makes me stop, go back, read and reread, and takes my breath away, each time I do so. The fluidity of your words encourages the reader to dance with the woman who wasn't there, and yet keep stopping to catch breath in the images you create. Really good stuff, and it has a dream quality about it, but a message that is as solid as stone. Wonderful!


Laurie Kolp said...

Very poignant and moving piece. I really enjoyed reading your work (stone AND feet)!

flaubert said...

Annell I love how you have combined the "red shoes" here with this poem. I love the repetition here.

djvorreyer said...

The red shoes and the bleeding feet are a nice pairing of images.