Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday January 10, 2011 Big Tent Poetry/ Sunday Scribblings/ Poetry Potluck/River of Stones

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Big Tent Poetry Prompt: make a list of words starting with the same letter. Then write a poem and include some of the words.

A Political Clown
It is the agony you caused, that I see.
I look into faces.
Real tears roll down,
Rose colored cheeks.

It is Arizona -- again,
There is a loud sound,
And I hear your voice,
"Guys and Gals..."

You must own the authorship,
Of your words,
Marks placed in opposition,
Crosshairs on a map.

It is an architecture,
Of your making,
To make yourself stand out,
Among many,
But you stand as a silhouette,
Of the absurd in the real world.

Seek the adytum,
Pray for forgiveness,
This tragedy is the height,
Of your possibility,
You are just a political clown,
With severe consequences.

Sunday Scribblings #249 A Walk in the Park

A Walk In the Park
The cold wind blows,
Feels like sharp knives,
Cuts to the quick.
And still I walk.
One foot placed firmly upon on the earth,
Then the next.
When I began,
It was to be just a solitary walk in the park.
It was sun shining warm.

The sun is still shinning,
And the cold wind blows.
Feels like sharp knives,
Cuts to the quick.
I pull my coat closer,
I duck my face,
It is now sun shining cold.

No day for a walk in the park.
I will come another day,
When it is sun shining warm again,
And I will remember,
I will call your name.
Perhaps, it will be a together
Walk in the park.
I will walk with your memory.

I stepped into the dark.
So dark, I could not focus.
But I could see that it had snowed,
During the night,
The court was covered in white.
It was transformed.


Poetry Potluck Prompt: Journey and the Road Ahead

Far Distant Horizon
Sometimes stumbles,
Sometimes steps light as air,
My feet find the path,
My eyes are on the far distant horizon.

The light of early morning,
Lights the path.
My feet find the path,
My eyes are on the far distant horizon

You ask about the road ahead,
For this answer --I do not know.
My feet find the path
My eyes are on the far distant horizon.


jaerose said...

Hi Annell - your first piece particularly showed a wonderfully dexterous use of words..the repetition tripped and led us onto a path full of sun that couldn't provide warmth or relief.. (the photo as well gave this sense of being camouflaged/overwhelmed by the place you were walking)..A captivating triptych of pieces..Jae

Helen said...

Hello! Each of these pieces is intriguing .. especially the first. I have a tiny question (I don't recognize the word shinning and I wondered if you meant shining) ... if I'm off base, you can come to Bend and give me a good scolding.

Timoteo said...

A political clown...I absolutely love that...that image is the best illustration I've seen of how far a political party can stumble off course... "clowns to the left of me/jokers to the right"

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"a political clown with severe consequences". Yes. I loved all of these, Annell.......a poignant line "I will walk with your memory". I love the way you repeated the two lines in each stanza in poem number three, very effective.

Jingle said...

My feet find the path
My eyes are on the far distant horizon. ..

love the lines..well done.
the future is unknown...

Glad to see you write for potluck poetry.
Happy Tuesday!


Jingle Poetry said...

Thanks for the lovely participation, Happy Tuesday!

Potluck Week 17 Treat/Awards 4 You, Enjoy!

flaubert said...

Annell, love the Palin poem, very true.

Tumblewords: said...

Currency of 'the clown' makes a superb topic for your well-crafted poem!

deb said...

poetry can be such a help when words are to much.