Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday January 9, 2011/I Saw Sunday/ River of Stones/ Carry on Tuesday #87

Photo taken from inside the studio, looking West.

Each morning a new beginning,
Sometimes brilliant color,
Sometimes soft,
Cloud patterns always different,
Perhaps it is nature's way to say,
Get up, get going,
Another new day.
To try again.

Image from the internet.

Carry on Tuesday #87; Quote from Tupac Shakur, "For every dark night, there is a brighter day."

The dark night came,
I wandered in the underworld,
Naked, defenseless,
Without map or compass.

I was told,
There was a brighter day coming
-- I could not hear,
In that moment
I was completely lost.

Today is that brighter day.
I am still here,
For every dark night,
There is a brighter day.

Photos taken outside the studio, looking East and South, early morning January 9, 2011


  1. I like "For every dark night, there is a brighter day." I enjoyed your poetry and your photos!

  2. Excellently written post, ^^ And wonderful photos to compliment the work. =)

    -Weasel =)

  3. Such beautiful skies outside your studio......wonderful photos. I especially love your top poem, about the new day "to try again". I love that about life, dont you?

  4. keep seeing the light.
    lovely poems.

  5. I especially enjoyed your poem that ended...

    "For every dark night,
    There is a brighter day."

    I also liked your photos that linked to I Saw Sunday, but I don't see your link on the I Saw Sunday site? Did you forget to visit and leave your link this week?

    Susannah. :-)

  6. Annell,
    "For every dark night,
    There is a brighter day."
    A wonderful thought. I love all three poems.

  7. all so very good......nice photo and great skies...happy trails

  8. Fabulous photos and poems, thank you.

  9. A beautiful view that sets the imagination in motion. I like the photos and poems very much. Each day is new, to be sure.

  10. annell,
    I love the words of hope and feeling of optimism in your words.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  11. Maybe we must get lost in the darkness to truly be able to discern the Light? Love your words, and your photos. Have so much to learn.