Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday January 13, 2011 River of Stone/Theme Thursday/ Poets United

It is still dark,
I pull the darkness
Closer around me,
The light from the
Computer screen glows,
It is quiet and still...
I am reminded of a hospital room,
Where a woman fights for her life,
She opens her eyes.



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Theme Thursday Prompt: Jump

White Man Dreams of the Ability to Jump.
Rabbit jumps,
Raven jumps,
Coyote jumps,
Woman jumps,
And dances,
In her new red shoes,
It is a skill of survival.

Jack be nimble,
Jack be quick,
Jack jumps over the candlestick,
Woman jumps,
Wearing only red shoes,
It is her skill of survival.

If there are puddles in heaven,
Christina is jumping over them.
If Christina is in heaven,
It means she did not survive.
If only she had been wearing
Her beautiful red shoes.

Jump, jump,
Jump Jim Crow,
Take a little step
And away you go,
Woman jumps,
In red high heeled sneakers,
It is her skill of survival.

Image by ivanabalabanova
The Thursday Think Tank - #31 Random Deviation

Wild Water
Wild water is something
You rarely see in the desert.
The place I choose to be.
But it can happen,
Sometimes without warning.

Flash floods,
Bring wild water into the arroyos,
Warnings may be issued.
But there is always someone
Who will just drive in,
And has to be rescued,
Or drowns.
Let this be a warning.

This occurrence is a mystery,
What do people think,
That allows them to drive their car
Into the temporary sea.
Do they think,
I'm sure my car will float,
Or that doesn't look too deep to me.
So let this be a warning.

It's happened before,
Too many times,
And it will happen again.
Only to further complicate this mystery.
Wild water is sometimes found in the desert.
Perhaps people don't believe what they see,
Let my words be a warning.


lightverse said...

A timely warning, and a sad (but well written) commentary about people who "don't believe what they see..."

Old Ollie said...

Water/desert - nice juxtaposition.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Three excellent pieces of work to mull over - each so different to the last shows your versatility.
The one which touched me the most was the first, River of Stone. That is just beautiful in emotion and imagery.
Thank you

Jingle said...

lovely collections of poetry.
well done.

admire your energy in writing so many wonderful poems.

flaubert said...

Annell I have often wondered why people do that.
I lived in Florida through a few hurricanes in an area that was right on the water. And there were people who insisted on staying with their homes.
This a beautifully written piece with an excellent message.

Crafty Green Poet said...

yes, some people are strange and think that they're immune.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Annell, I so love your stone - it really speaks to me.........and the red shoe poem is wonderful, and sad in the part about Christina. I love the wild water poem and the repetition of the line "let my words be a warning" is very effective. Wonderful writing!

Elizabeth said...

Annell, I love your stone for today. Isn't it a miracle that she opened her eyes. I also really like the red sneakers poem and the jump lines juxtaposed with women's survival. The last of your pieces is heavy with warning, and those who most need to hear that warning are the very ones who think they are immune. Thanks for all of these,


SandyCarlson said...

I am imagining the woman in the first poem stepping into that wild water!

What a beautiful post.

Thank you.

Ellen aka Ella said...

Great messages in all your poems! Christina segments are so touching. I use to live in Florida and always saw some crazy person, on the news, in the water. Crazy! People need to respect
Mother Nature!

Jingle said...

the Perfect Poet Award Notice, Enjoy!

ignore if you don't take awards, this is to honor you for participating poets rally week 36 last week.

your poetry rocks.