Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday January 5, 2010 Poets Asides
Poetry Prompt #117: Celebration Poem.

Hand in Hand Across Time

I sit alone in the studio.
I face the west,
But I am aware the sun
Is shinning from the East.
I know it to be a sparkly day,
The frozen snow is still on the ground.
Yesterday, it was said,
Forty inch base in the sky valley,
Because its been so cold, its still powdery.
Good skiers,
I can almost hear the laughter on the slopes.
But the studio is absent of sound,
I am alone, but not lonely.

I have so much to celebrate!
A door has opened but a crack,
New faces, laughter, words and ideas
Have crowded into my space.
Invisible hearts fill my studio.
I am again thrilled to my very being.

How to celebrate
I will first remember you,
The universal you,
The you of all times,
The you of all places,
Your struggle,
Your ability to continue,
You are my soul mate,
You are my hero,
I reach for you.

Alone in your studio,
You work each day,
Unaware that what you do
Inspires me,
Gives me the courage
To continue.

You may even be gone,
No longer breath the air,
That I breath,
But I will remember you,
I will light a small candle,
And its burst into flame,
Will light this celebration,
Push back the darkness and fear.
We face the future,
Hand in hand
Across time and place.

Dedicated to my new friends, Lilka and Susan, my sister, Maggie, and to my old friends, Virginia and Anges.


Lilka said...

Thank you.

kathew said...

ah- this reminds me of our dear painter/teacher/writer friend Arthur Okamura who died suddenly over a year ago...lovely writing

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is incredibly beautiful, Annell, and also speaks to how I feel about the new and wonderfully talented artists - you being one of them - I have met here on line..........your studio, and view, by the way, is spectacular. Wowzers. LUCK-EE!!!!!!!