Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday February 14, 2010 Valentines Day

Another day of working on the Red Shoe Book Project. The little pair of shoes in the painting above seem to go with the words written by Ase Lilleskare Faugstad, a wonderful Norwegian artist, "The first "best" shoes I wore." I love the thought that this little girl slipped her feet into the red shoes early. And she loved those shoes and she kept those red shoes.

I wanted to speak about the method I have chosen to paint the paintings of the Red Shoes. I have chosen watercolor, first because it is a tradition that is often used by women, or thought of as painting for women. And it wasn't until male artists began using watercolor that is was considered a "real" medium. Still today, the use of watercolor is looked down upon, when everyone knows it is a very difficult medium, and takes many years to accomplish. There are many ways to execute watercolor, but I have chosen to draw. And the drawing is not "right", but rather expressive, and to wet the paper and allow the watercolor to do the work, leaving lots of white paper, and even this requires much care, not to splash watercolor where you don't want it(This isn't easy for me, I get so into what I'm doing, I forget about the splashes and drips.).


Morning said...

Happy V Day.
Thanks for linking.


Ian Foster said...

These little shoes are lovely Annell.

Helen said...

An interesting tidbit of information ... Happy Heart Day!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I love these little shoes! What little girl wouldnt be thrilled to wear them? Wonderful, Annell, enjoy your day, painting and dreaming!

LauraX said...

I love this little shoes Annell. A few years ago, I was on a quest to find red shoes for myself. I always wanted red shoes as a girl and my mother would not buy them as they were not I decided it was time to treat myself. I LOVE my red keanes...they are comfortable, earthy and somehow manage to go with everything, despite my mother's concerns!

Your painting is absolutely delightful, I love the way the toes come together and form a little heart shape. Happy Valentines Day!

SandyCarlson said...

These shoes are gorgeous. Thanks for describing your choice and your process. My daughter has begun painting in watercolors, and she has an excellent teacher who has taught her to respect the water first! I love this project.

jaerose said...

I love these little can see where they have been worn and loved and played in - and that they will be cherished for a thousand years..Jae

Elizabeth said...

So glad you explained your process and how you made your choices and why. I have attempted water color many times, and always knew I was not finding its deeper potentials. You my friend, do that with a seeming ease that leaves me in awe. Thank you. I can see the little girl who wore those shoes and she is grinning,


Anonymous said...

Having tried watercolour many times and failed, I know enough to know that what looks effortless and free is the exact opposite! I really appreciate all the work you are putting
into this Red Shoes project.

Jingle said...

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