Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday February 8, 2011 A Small Stone/ Magpie Tales

A Small Stone

First day to have gas
After five without
Things we take for granted
Gratitude fills me



Magpie #52

The Lonely Little House
Green the color of the forest
Trimmed in yellow
Like the sun
Not much wider than
The span of my own two hands
Holds a heart that beats within
But the winds blow cold
Around this little house

Just a tiny little house
A dream fulfilled,
The little old man
Who lived there once
Remembered by all
Who knew him
The Great-Grandson
Of the man who made the little
Green house upon the lane

Two people in the house
Were crowded
When they stood
Just one window
To look out
It was a house
For just one man
The house was lonely on the lane
The man inside was just the same


  1. I love both your stone and your take on the prompt. Wonderful, Annell. Am so glad you have heat and services at last.

  2. sharp and vivid portrayal of the house.
    well done magpie.

  3. what a sad little house...for only one...

    and having gas is a good thing, right? smiles.

  4. I am happy to know that you have gas again and love your poem, also the verse and the photo about the little green house. Perfect!

  5. So very glad your heat is on again. And thanks for the chance to read your poem.

  6. I am in love with little house such as these. They have all the charm needed to make them wonderful!

  7. Lonely or alone... what be the perspective of the solitary soul who resides. I would guess the builder was alone, tho the old man might have been lonely.

    Nice write. Inspiring thoughts deeper.

  8. Hi there (back in Oregon)....

    I love little houses and this special Magpie!

  9. I especially liked the last two lines. They tied it all together nicely.

  10. oh nice Annell
    loved the last two lines

  11. a house for one man only?

    very interesting take.