Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday April 22, 2011 PoNaWriMo Day #22/ Poets United/ Poetic Asides

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Poets United Prompt: Secret

Secret is one of the characteristics
Of my Astrological summery
But I am no secret
I am open
I wear it all upon
My heart for
All the world to see

Even if it is not something
I would mention
I still do not
Think of it as
A secret
Only something
Of little interest

Certainly there are things
I would not share
A stumble in public
But no harm
No foal
Not really a secret

Really, to be a secret
I'm not sure
Is it something that
Might destroy a life
Pierce a heart
Have unintended

Easy come
Easy go
The secret
Flies from the lips

Today I will keep
My secret
Inside my pocket
I will share it
But for always
I will keep yours
In a secret drawer
Filled with letters
For your eyes only


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Poetics Acides Prompt: The Only one in the world.

The Only One in the World

The one I love to see
The one I want to be with
The one who laughs out loud
The one who cares
The one who loves every color
especially green
Henry's best friend

She is my sister
The one I am so proud of
The one I could never repay
The one who talks to crows
The one who never sys no
She is the one, irreplaceable
The only one in the world


Isabel Doyle said...

nice and direct and impossible to argue with - a well-expressed poem,
Happy Easter holidays

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Both wonderful, and I especially love the sister poem, the one who talks to crows!

Elizabeth said...

Annell, the first poem about secrets is a bit of mystery, a puzzle to be unraveled. The second one is a wonderful tribute to a very special individual. And somehow they strangely fit together.


Brian Miller said...

i hate secrets...ugh. good or bad...they are not good.. a touching poem about your sister in the second, gave me big smiles.

Dave King said...

Weird and wonderful. I shall come again.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

I loved both of your poems!
I particularly liked the 'secrets' poem and all the truths within it!!

Happy Easter,