Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday April 29, 2011 NaPoWriMo Day#29

NaPoWriMo Day #29

The Journey of Intent
I thought it was fun
Made me laugh
You saw it as choice
I guess I would agree

Through the door An idea creeps
Presents itself
Waits to be embraced
Set your course
Take a step

Along the way
Another visitor

You wonder
Why all the bother
Is this really worth it
Could be doing
Something really important
Walk among the sage
Pet the cat
Count the stars

When doubt seems to out weight
What it is you are doing
You will continue
You will not quit
You don't know
What's down that road
Until you have traveled it


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love this so much....walking in the sage, counting the stars, not knowing what's down the road until you travel it. Sigh. Lovely writing.

flaubert said...

Yes, Annell, that last stanza says so much.


signed...bkm said...

Intent has to be strong and filled with purpose...purpose is so powerful....nice write...bkm

Liz said...

I have always believed that intent is everything ... and "walking in the sage," contemplative for you could be walking amongst the plants or perhaps the wise ones. I enjoyed this.

Brian Miller said...

nice bit of wisdom..too many give up far too early...take the 30in 30...many have given in and now just one away...smiles...keep following that road....

layers said...

Very wise words and what a perfect image-- follow your path-- the path leads to the idea and the idea leads to creativity... and seems endless I think.

laughingwolf said...

stay the course... wander the sideroads, too... a few are parallel... meet/greet... some may follow....