Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday April 14, 2011 Poetic Asides/ NoPoWriMo Day #14

Vessels Artists Book Project
Prompt: Ain't None of Your business.

Ain't None of Your Business

I offer it to you
You look away
You are not interested
Say it ain't none of your business

I have created it for you
It is my love
My heart made visible
You look away

The colors chosen
From the new day
I have offered my best
You are not interested

Each work is nestled
Within the vessel
Shares space
Holds the air you breath
You say it ain't none of your business


NoPoWriMo Day #14

This morning I received a poem from Larry Robinson. There were many things I liked about the poem, but I wanted more. I decided to write a response to this poem, The Wolf God, by Anne Carso.

The Wolf God

Like a painting we will be erased, no one can remain.
I saw my life as a wolf loping along the road
And I questioned the women of that place.

Some regard the wolf as immortal, they said.
Now you know this only happened in one case and that
Wolves die regularly of various causes—

Bears kill them, tigers hunt them,
They get epilepsy,
They get a salmon bone crosswise in their throat,

They run themselves to death no one knows why—
But perhaps you never heard
Of their ear trouble.

They have very good ears,
Can hear a cloud pass overhead.
And sometimes it happens

That a windblown seed will bury itself in the aural canal
Displacing equilibrium.
They go mad trying to stand upright,

Nothing to link with.
Die of anger.
Only one we know learned to go along with it.

He took small steps at first.
Using the updrafts.
They call him Huizkol,

That means
Looks Good in Spring.
Things are as hard as you make them.

- Anne Carso

In Response to the Wolf God by Ann Carso

You say, we will be erased
Erase, erased, obliterated
Like a painting or
Words on a page

No one will remain

For me the Wolf God
Is un-erasable
The Wolf God lives on
Even when extinct

The Wolf is trail finder


The exact opposite
Of what is told

Wolf has much to teach
Strong sense of family
Loyal and lives by defined
Rules and rituals

Wolf is all that is


This I have seen
In night of the full moon
Wolf goes to sacred places


In ways of communication
Knows the signs
Knows how to read them
Often communicates
Through body language

Wolf knows the
Poet's way
Chooses words carefully
Truthful and says only
What is meant

Wolf has much to teach
True freedom requires


And when it comes
Too falling in


And dedication to family
Wolf has no equal

Hated and hunted to extinction
Wolf's greatest enemy
Is man and his superior
Killing machines
Even the sky cannot be trusted

There are many names
For Wolf Gods and heros
And many tales of Wolf heroism
Call Wolf Huzikol
Looks good in spring



Brian Miller said...

smiles. both of these are remarkable in their own way..i relate to the wolf...i have a marble figure of him on my beside table...he watches over me and i him...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I SO LOVE THIS, Annell! It is the "more" that needed to be said - how magnificent the wolf is. You did him proud! BEAUTIFUL tribute to our beloved wolves. I especially (of course) love "wolf is all that is Wild" and how he goes to sacred places. I so love this poem.

signed...bkm said...

Oh Annell a wonderful smorgasboard of reading the wolf god pieces...I knew Sherry would love these too...wold goes to sacred places, we need only follow them to understand.. thank you for posting both...bkm

Elizabeth said...

The first piece took me to places that hide now only in memory. I felt it deeply. The two wolf pieces are wonderful. I love your line about how wolf knows the Poet's way. So strong, that song that must be expressed and the moon, I believe, leans in to listen.


Brian Miller said...

thefirst one is emotive anell...a little sadness a little anger is what it stirs...

flaubert said...

Love both posts, Annell. The first is my favourite.