Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday October 2, 2011 Still Life/Grid

Still Life/ Grid gouache on w/c paper 22"x22"

Still Life/Grid gouache on w/c paper 22"x22"

These began with a realistic drawing from the still life.


layers said...

Your grid series is very unique and surprising... when I consider your other works...they seem to have started out more simple and minimal and are becoming more complex... I copied down the Henry James quote you left at my blog post.. thank you.

ds said...

Oh, my these are cool! So inventive...and the color, wow.
Today I went to the farmstand for apples & found a weird "pumpkin" that reminded me of your earlier stylized still lifes, in that it is boldly graphic: a brilliant red-orange "cap" with deep green and white stripes on its "legs." Such personality.