Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday October 10, 2011 Still Life

Still Life gouache on w/c paper 22"x22"

In this series of work I am focusing on the basic elements of shape and color. There are many abstractions in realism, and many shapes of realism in abstraction. The still life offers me many different abstract shapes to put into the grid. There is a slight graduation from top to bottom and from bottom to top. The shapes are hard edge and the color remains flat in each shape. This piece does not tell the viewer what to think, but makes room for the viewer. It creates a space for the viewer to think his own thoughts. Almost invites the viewer to become a partner in the piece.

Still Life
The still life is no longer
What it was originally
I am now free
Think of what I like
True for the viewer, too

My mind wanders
I think of autumn,
The leaves are still green
The apples turn red
All is colorful
The air is brisk
Favorite time of year


paul said...

didn't know there was an autumn season in new mexico

happy 2 hear it :)

Teri said...

Somehow this piece makes me want to put all the grids together to make one picture. I'm not sure if each grid is part of a whole or each grid is an individual piece. I guess that is what is exciting about it and makes the piece interactive.

Mary said...

Annell, I have been enjoying autumn this year as well. I am awed by the color, and I have also seen some beautiful sunrises; and each time I have seen one I have thought of you and your beautiful sunrise photos! We have had some wonderful days here of "Indian summer." I have worn shorts and t-shirts again. This all apparently will come to an end tomorrow, but it has been wonderful while it lasted.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I appreciate your statement on this series. I'm loving the evolution of these pieces...the still life. Your Still Life poem speaks to me with all the colors and celebration of Autumn!

SandyCarlson said...

I love the freedom you describe here. Beautiful. God bless, and happy autumn!

layers said...

Your evolution and growth with each piece is amazing. and your words of autumn..well, I can't write like that so I am so impressed.

Laurie Kolp said...

This is lovely, Annell. There are so many things to think about, but what comes to mind is a scrambled picture like a puzzle that needs to be fit together.... and the colors could be Christmas, too. The possibilities are endless!