Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22, 2011 Still Life #41

Still Life #41 22"x22" gouache on w/c paper

Joseph Albers reminds us, " long as we hear merely single tones, we do not hear music. Hearing music depends on the recognition of the in-between of the tones, of their placing and of their spacing

Equally, a factual identification of colors within a given painting has nothing to do with a sensitive seeing nor with an understanding of the color action within the painting."

Only yellow is always warm, and only blue green is always cool, everything else is seen in relationship to other colors.

We cannot say, a blue we see in a painting is cool, it depends on what other colors are in the painting, when it is compared to the other colors, is the blue actually cool or warm?

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erin said...

i can't help, no matter which piece you show us, but to wonder on the artist behind it and what moves through her. i love what you bring here in regards to relationship. you cause me to question how and why i react certain ways to - not only art, but life.