Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday June 26, 2012 Fragments III

Fragents III 22"x22"  gouache on watercolor paper

It has been a year, that I have been working on the new Still Life Series.  It seems time I look at something else.  I decided to look again at the Fragments II series.  And asked myself why did I stop doing that series, and then I remembered a dealer asked me to do "still life", and this began the journey to find a different image for still life, a contemporary way to look at still life.  I looked again at what I was doing.  Creating collage, and using that as the source for painting, pushing the idea of what a collage is and how we might use it.  I decided I wasn't really through with this idea, and this new series will be called Fragments III.  I want to call attention to the idea that our lives are made of fragments, parts and pieces, this includes thought and memory.  We don't remember things as a whole, but as parts, and sometimes these parts get mixed up with other parts and this makes up our lives.  As a woman it seems traditional that we attempt to make a "whole" out of many parts, we see this in quilts. 

So now I begin a new journey, Fragments III.  I have no idea where it will take me.  I know I will visit many places I have never been.  Will meet new challanges.  I am excited about the new ideas that will appear as I work on this new series. 


Mary said...

To begin is always exciting. Enjoy your journey.

andrea said...

Interesting that I should come across this now as I am finding my foray back into mainstream landscapes to be unrewarding and need to start my own new journey. I did it for economic reasons but even that's not working so why not just paint what I want to paint? Your work is very striking and I know I will need to return for inspiration. (I visited because I read your comment on Joanne Mattera's blog and was drawn by your description of where you live + the fact that you're the same age as me.)

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Good beginnings! So important for all of us to follow our 'pulls'!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Yippee. A new journey.Always exciting!