Wednesday, August 8, 2012

June 10, 2010

This morning seems to be a morning of anticipation. There is a quality of breathlessness in the air. The sky is slightly overcast and everything is just a little gray. Perhaps the anticipation is for the sun to properly clear Taos Mountain, so the day can actually begin. I listen, there is no sound. It is if I am at the bottom of the sea.

There was another mistake in the printing yesterday, in a long line of mistakes. I keep wondering why this is happening, and we are reassured at every turn, this is an exception. I wonder, is it? Or is it the way people do business these days? No one wants to be responsible, it's someone else's fault. Or is the Universe saying, the time is not right, the job is not supposed to be finished, there is a better time. The Universe has set it's own deadline. Is it a lesson to test the patience?

I have great news! I can't wait for you to wake! Now, I can hear the clock on the studio wall ticking, measuring the time, all is falling into place. There are decisions to be made. It promises to be another busy day.

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