Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013 To Draw/Pencil on Paper

                                    Bird Nest Drawing  22"x30"  graphite on twinrocker all purpose hot press paper

To Draw/ Pencil on Paper
What does it mean
To make a mark
To draw
Pencil in hand
Grasped naturally
Point touches paper

Without knowledge
Of destination
Nor how to get there
She follows
Her own footsteps
Blazes her own path

A world of wonder
With the pressure of the hand
Creates lights and darks
Bridges formed

To another world
Of breath and wonder
How does this happen
No one knows
No one can say
It is as it is
A line is made
Light and shadows
An image appears

Note:  This nest was found in the court yard.  So cleverly hidden, we didn't find it until winter and the bush had lost its' leaves.  "A nest is considered to be one of the mavels of animal life." says Gaston Bachelard.  "The enterprise and skill with which animals make their nests is so efficient that it is not possible to do better, so entirely do they surpass all masons, carpenters and builders; for there is not a man who would be able to make a house better suited to himself and to his children than these little animals build for themselves.  This is so true, in fact, that we have a proverb acording to which man can do everything except build a bird's nest."  Ambroise Pare.


Amber said...

Wow that an amazing sketch, I love pencil sketches. I have a big problem with proportions and adding depth, everything I draw looks flat and lopsided but honestly the world looks like that to me because of my vision lol This is a beautiful and artistic poem =)

This is mindlovemisery I can't post to the sight with wordpress

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so love your bird nest drawings. Love the poem too, and the quote below. Often hummingbirds come by error through my open doors, and flutter at the window till I cup them in my hands and return them to the outdoors. It is so amazing to feel such feathery lightness in my hand - such small beautiful beings. A friend of mine saw a hummingbird nest once and said it was incredibly tiny and intricate.

erin said...

the mystery is astounding, annell.

you have asked, haven't you, what is behind the veil?

this is my favorite piece of yours. i love it i love it i love it.


Dave King said...

An amazing poem and drawing. Both totally enchanting.