Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 17, 2013 Sunday Whirl #122

Dream of Death

Heaped upon the floor
Heart barely beating
Dreamed I died
After years of living
All is quiet

Like time in the 
Canyon land
Breezes through
The pines

The period
Of no sound at all
Or the sound 
Can be measured
Only by degrees
Nestled into space

The length 
Of the run is short
You must be persuaded
To stay in the race
Perfect the vision
A tribute
To the time lived

Note:  Prompt 

floor, heart, stay, dreamed, persuaded, period, degrees,

years, space, nestled, if, vision, tribute


Stan Ski said...

The trick is to stay awake... ;)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I especially love "perfect the vision A tribute to the time lived". Great write, my friend.

daphnepurpus said...

I enjoyed this--thanks for sharing.

flaubert said...

Annell, this is a bit sad, but beautiful.


Sara McNulty said...

Lovely flow to this poem. Loved it.

Nanka said...

Quiet and contemplative!! Nice write!!