Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 14, 2013 Writer's Digest Nov Pad Challenge/Poets United

For today’s prompt, write an exploration poem. Maybe you’re exploring a new land, the depths of quarks, outer space, the mind, the soul, etc. Your call. In fact, it could be said that most poems are an exploration of one sort or another. So get at it.

Fragments G&C #166  30"x30" gouache on w/c paper
Lost in Exploration
The days pass
I am not aware 
Of their passing
My focus
Is on the exploration
Of breaking up the 
Plane into many 
Small pieces
And creating
Of color
Of value
Of intensity
Of temperature

So much cannot
Be predicted
Each step 
Must be completed
In order to see
To see what is
What is not
How it is working
What is the vibration
Between the colors
Is it pleasing to me

I look up from my work
Time has passed
I am not aware
Of it's passing
It was morning
Now it is not
The seasons change
So much is mystery

Poets United  Prompt:  Ordinary

An Ordinary day
I awake
The sun is still sleeping
Still dark outside
My window
Stars bright
Early morning lght
Come to the studio
Go to work
Surprise myself
I am at the center
All day long
I am in love


Sherry Blue Sky said...

"So much is mystery"....beautiful, and true.

Mary said...

I really like the description of your ordinary day, Annell! Love 'stars bright, early morning light.'

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Came back for the ordinary day and LOVE your closing lines!

Sumana Roy said...

'I awake
The sun is still sleeping
Still dark outside'.......wish i could begin my day like nicely done :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Annell when consumed in a labor of love the time just flies by unnoticed but at the same time deeply experienced