Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014 We Write Poems/dVerse

Write Poems  We Wordle  #01  Prompt:  A wordle was created and we were to choose words from it.

Posted to dVerse.  Open Link Night - Week #127

Photo taken early morning over Taos, NM.

Each Day a Beginning
In the stillness
Of morning
Black as coal
The sun
Just beginning
To rise
Oranges are
Tangled with
Neon pinks
Shadows of
Slip away
The world
Comes to life
Once more


    Is the old adage “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning” true, or is it just an old wives’ tale?


    Within limits, there is truth in this saying.

Have you ever heard anyone use the proverb above?
Shakespeare did. He said something similar in his play, Venus and Adonis. “Like a red morn that ever yet betokened, Wreck to the seaman, tempest to the field, Sorrow to the shepherds, woe unto the birds, Gusts and foul flaws to herdmen and to herds.”
In the Bible, (Matthew XVI: 2-3,) Jesus said, “When in evening, ye say, it will be fair weather: For the sky is red. And in the morning, it will be foul weather today; for the sky is red and lowering.”
Weather lore has been around since people needed to predict the weather and plan their activities. Sailors and farmers relied on it to navigate ships and plant crops.


  1. A beautiful dawn. I guess sailors in NM don't have so much to worry about.

  2. wonderful rising from darkness to light....

  3. The words are a perfect blend..I think there is truth in pink sky at night..shepherds delight is can such a happy sky be a bad omen..

  4. Beautiful ... Happy New Year Annell !!!

  5. What a spectacular morning sky. Wowzers! I love "shadows of dreams slip away."

  6. smiles...def a bit of truth to that old adage...then again each day is a new day to do with it what we be darned...ha...

  7. Annell,

    Your words and image remind me so much of early mornings in Texas. The sky was totally alive for the day...
    Happy new Year,

  8. You have created the perfect setting for those dreams that are slipping away. Really like this Annell,


  9. wow those colors... they make me wanna pull out my watercolors...

  10. I like the colors coming with the sun ~ Morning is my favorite time of the day ~Thanks for sharing ~

  11. What a beautiful setting to let our dreams slip away...

  12. In the stillness of morning black as coal. Yes, first morn is black as coal. Like your poem, Annell. Tonight I posted a poem for the first time in dVerse.

  13. I love the colors, the simplicity, and the sentiment of this piece. :-)

  14. tangled oranges..what a beautiful morning to experience Annell...bkm

  15. I love this poem. Beautiful picture but your words paint an even prettier picture. I can't remember if I've read your work before, but I know I will be back. Take care, & keep writing.


  16. Oranges with pink neons. Lovely image that.

  17. Ugh that lighting early in the morning when the sun is only halfway up, is such an amazing time for me... lovely image you've woven

  18. First, the photo is gorgeous. The sun does not rise like that here. Love the idea of a black sun in the morning, as if it were as reluctant to wake as we are…and that proverb was quoted often when I was growing up. Thank you for sharing this.