Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014 Writers' Digest/ Prompt: A Message Poem/

To my Mother
Eyes of blue
I miss you now
My love is true
You went away
As we all must do
Your life was long
I think of you


You speak of magic
I roll my eyes
You show your teeth
And point to the ones
That show you are wise
Wisdom Teeth you call them
I look at the clock
I have time to spare
You come at 9:00
We follow the day
Through the hours
Together we whisper secrets
Share a bit to eat
Its been a long time
You say you want to get flowers
A birthday to celebrate
Another day older
A few more regrets
Together we celebrate friendship
Your gift to me
And mine to you
We count the days and hours
Since we met
You are first on my list
For this I have no regret



Anonymous said...

Love both of your messages of love, Annell. One in the past that still holds true, the other in the present that holds love for you. Thanks for being a part of my story,


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Lovely and loving, have such a beautiful heart.

vivinfrance said...

Loving and lovely.

flaubert said...

I love both poems, Annell, but the one about your mom is so very touching.


Brian Miller said...

i wish my wisdom teeth were gone,
thy are crushing my molars---smiles
the first one, despite the rhyme is evocative
maybe in the vivid blue of the eyes
i imagine