Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 6, 2014 NAPOWRIMO/ My Lover and I/ Writer's Digest/Nightlife/ The Sunday Whirl/ Spring Snow/ Poets Pantry #196


My Lover and I

Today we walk through the gap
No longer an ordinary day
Today we tilt against windmills
My lover and I

It is spring
Dreams pulsate
We gather twigs
Build a nest around us
Soon... our bodies will part
My lover and I

Tomorrow we are still
Tied together
With a knot
A lovers knot
Out of view
Just out of reach
My lover and I


Day 6, Writer’s Digest

Prompt:  A night poem


Hard to know exactly
About the night
It gets dark
The sun disappears
From view
Moon and stars come out
Sparkle down
All is shadow
Curl up to rest
Enter the world of mystery
Everyone does it
Some better than others
Yet there are still
So many questions
In that land of nod
Where is it
Creatures incredible
I go there every night
Slip through the gap
Citizen of another world
I dream of you

The Sunday Whirl

Spring Snow
Like diamonds
The night-fallen snow
In the light
Of morning
All is covered
With a light dusting
A barrier
Sound is suspended
Magical new world
Transformed briefly
In spring time


Björn said...

Ah. what a delight with those ties.. lovely.

McGuffy Ann Morris said...

Nicely done.

M. A. S. said...

Great theme. I love "citizen of another world."