Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30, 2014 Writer's Digest/Yesterday

I was stuck
It is said we have
Twenty six thousand 
Thoughts a day
Most of them are the same
That is what was happening to me
One memory kept returning
To visualize in my mind
Each time tears came to my eyes
Crystal sparkling tears

My world was filled with sadness
This morning things are better
It is a new day
I cannot say there won’t be sadness
In this day but it won’t be the same
I can even return to that same thought
And I am not crying
No crystal sparkling tears

I cannot say how 
We get out of our minds
But I can say
Sometimes it is better
To be outside
Rather than inside

July 30, 2014

Note:  What was that thought?  I could see your hand holding mine, in a very tight grip. Again I could hear you telling me, you wanted to go home.  All the while I knew you never would.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh Annell, that note - he did go home to your heart though and he is still in there. So sad. It is these kind of thoughts that clutch the heart. I have them, too...why didnt I...? I should have.....I'm sorry I........argh.

Brian Miller said...

sometimes it is...and sometimes we need to get out, whether we want to or not...and sometimes we get stuck in a a feeling...the note at the end is rather heart breaking annell...

i hope the sun shines a bit for you today as well...