Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 5, 2014 The Sunday Whirl/The Old Woman and Her Boy

Tranquility by Christopher Korody

The Old Woman and Her Boy
On the hill overlooking
The rock wall of the gorge
Walking rain on hilltops
In all directions
As far as the eye could see
Hondo Valley below
Taos Mountain in the east

A land of many ghosts
Some say they hear the cries
Carried on the wind
From earlier times
Blood and sorrow soaked
The earth we walk on

Lightening lights up the skies
Made the holiday fireworks
Look small in comparison
At last the first drops
Of the longed for rain
Pulled the cape closer to me
Looked for you in the landscape

Blue mountains dark in the distance
The subtle sunset of tangled grey
The valley every shade of green
Tiny houses scattered on the valley floor
Lit with candles like children’s toys
A bird’s eye view and where were you

The answer simple
Not a babe in arms
As when you were small
But in my heart
Your blood
The old woman and her boy
So it shall be
Without question
My Son and me

July 5, 2014

Turbulence by Christopher Korody

Note:  We celebrated with friends in a house with incredible views, overlooking Hondo Valley.  It has not been a month since my Son's death, I asked that we not talk about it, and we didn't, but I cannot say he was not in my mind and in my heart, where I know he will always be.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The poems arising from your sorrow are profound and even contain little nuggets of hope for the reader to nibble on.

Whirling with Walt

Jae Rose said...

Beautifully written Annell..simply beautiful...I wish it were different ...but am glad that you are still together in heart and mind xo

humbird said...

Love the beautiful view you paint with words....and, indeed, you and him close xx

Anonymous said...

Annell, you and others here on the circuit freely writing your way through the grief process has been and continues to be such a cleansing and freeing experience for me. There is such strength and beauty in your words. Thank you,


Brian Miller said...

what a sky eh?
and you will always carry him with you
no matter where you go...and he too i imagine will look in
on you.

Anonymous said...
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Belva Rae Staples said...

The is so incredibly sad and soulful. Just lovely, Annell.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So beautifully written, Annell. Yes, you are showing us how walking through grief with grace is done, Annell. I am taking notes, for myself.

kaykuala said...

Great to be able to be stable of mind even in grief! Nicely annell!


Anonymous said...

The magic of sky. Nicely done.