Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 6, 2014 Imaginary Gardens with Read Toads/ Poems in Progress -- Writer's Digest/Disappointed

Friday morning
End of the work week
This years' rainfall
Has been more than usual
Early morning everything is wet
Water stands in puddles
Along the roadside

I seek words to fall into place
To talk about the meaning
First day of August
The tempreature drops
It seems cooler
Thoughts of fall in the air
Apples ripen on the tree
Fresh corn and tomatoes

Soon this summer will be a memory
Along with all the other summers past

Words in a black box
A Box that holds the sadness of the world
A sadness shared by all people
Loss, lonelyness, abandonment
Each day begins with hope
Hope for love, success, peace

August 1, 2014



A spoiled little girl
Always had things her way
What a disappointment
To find Life isn’t really like that
Things would not always go her way

There are some things
In Life you can expect
One day will follow another
Night after day
Sometimes the sun will shine
Sometimes not
As long as your heart is
Ticking you are alive
Still here

That is about all that is promised
Just because you love someone
Doesn’t mean he will love you back
Just because you are thoughtful
Doesn’t mean others will be thoughtful
Just because you are kind
Doesn’t mean others will be kind

Just because you think you ‘know’
Doesn’t mean Life will go that way
Life has a mind of it’s own
And seldom will you be asked
How do you think it should be

Life is constantly changing
Your only choice is to
Go with the flow
Be flexible
Never think you ‘know’
Always expect the unexpected
Knock knock
It is Life at your door

August 6, 2014

 Note:  I am thinking Life comes to my door and sometimes I think it is good and sometimes I think it is bad, but maybe it is like beauty and it is really in the eye, or as in this case, the 'ear' of the beholder?


Arushi Ahuja said...

this seems quite complete to me annel!!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Two wonderful poems of reflection. I resonate with "just because you are kind doesnt mean others will be kind". I really like the reflections on summer slipping past.

Hannah said...

Delightful reads...I'm not sure where you'd like suggestions...but I enjoyed them. Thank you for sharing.

Isadora Gruye said...

I would love to help you with these unfinished pieces for my prompt, but it is unclear as where you want feedback...please advise

Helen said...

Hello there! These are lovely ~ just the way they are. Smiles.

Marian said...

ohhhh, words in a black box. that is really striking in a poem about summer.