Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2, 2014 Writers Digest Pad Challenge/Together Again

Together Again

when you went away                                               my world cracked

you disappeared                               could not be found

no explanation                      I guess you thought I would understand

years passed                                                  sorrow was my companion

you got sick                                                    someone called

said they just googled my name                              there i was

my life was changed                                     you were lost for me

                                    now you were found

just like the shepherd who has lost his sheep                   even one

cannot rest until the sheep is                      found

amazing how one phone call                                   can change a life

life is complicated                                                     never simple

when things are not the way i think they should be        i know that is life

we were together again                                           two hearts as one

November 2, 2014


Jae Rose said...

Serendipity... one simple call can change everything and also bring things together...two hearts as one..that can never be parted

Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

I love the words and the movement of the poem toward the pull of apparent destiny - (just a question I know that you work in wonderful geoform in your other mediums is this concrete type form a type of geoform? ... )

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Thanks for this potent reminder that life is always changing. The phone call comes, and we hear the long-lost voice. The e-mail arrives, and we read of someone from long ago. We open Facebook, and find that someone we had forgotten has resurfaced ("brought to life," I think is the phrase that Dickens uses in "A Tale of Two Cities").

Whirling with Galway

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I think of the line "the only thing certain in life is change." I think this must be why I am almost-but-not-completely phobic about the phone. I really hate to answer it, for fear of what news it might bring.

Anonymous said...

It is a truly magical moment. One that remains precious and outstanding amongst many...


humbird said...

Ah, it's really magical, when one little thing can change everything...we need it remember when we want to change things..

keiths ramblings said...