Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 20, 2014 Writers Digest 2014 November PAD CHALLENGE/ I'll Never Go There Again

I’ll Never Go There Again

I’ll never go               to baltimore, rock port, or la port

all cities on a bay                    again

i don’t like to back track                               re-travel the same old roads

my plan is to go forward                  full steam ahead

i marched myself                  to the far side of the world

right to the foot of taos mountain               high mountain desert

here i will stay                       i don’t like to look back

nothing to see                                                i haven’t already seen

nothing to do                         i haven’t already done

i look far out to the horizon             mountains                  clear blue skies

that will be my direction                  north, south, east, west

always heading                                 somewhere I haven’t been

kicking up dust                                              collecting bones

writing love letters                remembering where i’ve been... and you

drawing clear pictures                                 on my way to somewhere new

November 20, 2014



Sherry Blue Sky said...

You have set yourself down at the edge of the world and found Home. I love the description of your mountain and desert. Love that the horizon and the four directions will be your direction. Love the "collecting bones" line.

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