Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014 The Sunday Whirl/November Morning --Poets United Poets Pantry #225 --Writers Digest/ Blanket

November Morning

I put the apricot jam                                                                    on my toast

thunder roars                                                 were they bowling in the mountains

could it signal rain                         in the high mountain desert  
                                      a phenomenon almost forgotten

so many days of sunshine                            leaves no room for the cloudy greys

a change in the weather                   is sometimes all that is needed to spark   

the new you that is waiting         open the door                       winter is on the way

alone in the dark                                                               the cold air bites my skin

where is summer                for goodness sake                                 memories swirl                     

time passes quickly                                         yesterday so strong in my mind                                       

tomorrow               like the tiny puppy at the tit                         nudges for its place

i look back                             satisfied                       i lived this year as best i could

but now              so much i would like to burn                                   from memory

slash the records                                                          tear them from their bindings

little pieces           like snow                                                flutter down around me

no longer sure what is written there                                   perhaps it doesn’t matter

I cease to be jaded by                                          yesterday



warm & cozy

pull it up under the chin                  safe                

wrapped & ready                              the weather changes

cold creeps                 up the back                cover your toes

big enough for                       two                  reminds me of mom



Sherry Blue Sky said...

Glorious.....I still love best "the new you that is the door" and the little puppy nosing the tit.........I need a puppy.

Sumana Roy said...

all moms are warm and cozy so full of love...and it's good not to be jaded by yesterday...nice lines :)

Brian Miller said...

you know...we can not change the past...but we can change how we live from here...and not let the past have its way with us...take s abit to get to that point, but....