Saturday, November 8, 2014

November 9, 2014 The Sunday Whirl/ The Night of the Full Moon--Writers Digest November 2014 PAD CHAPBOOK CHALLENGE/ Writers Digestest November PAD Challenge, Nov 9th/STOLEN ANTIQUES FOUND IN CARSON HOME


 the sun shines             creating shadows on the ground                      a new day

another chance                                                 throw the dice with fervor

the owl that knows everything             always watching

cries     hoot  hoot                               perhaps a warning

or just telling his neighbor                   hello                top of the morning to you

magpies           the neighborhood rowdies         sit on the bare branches of the trees

my neighbor feeds them          meat                 trimmed from their dinner                              

today is a crossroads                           between autumn and winter

last days of indian summer                                          the sky a clear blue

the earth golden                               most of the leaves have fallen from the trees

standing                    their arms reaching upward                 for something

perhaps reaching               for the birds flying by             to fill    their empty branches

they are lonely                         without birds or children to climb to the very top

the rose             my daddy’s favorite              is absent from my country garden

this year                       i gave up                      stopped pretending i am gardener or farmer

in the spring the faithful crocus awake                         push their way out of the ground

look around                 is it the same                            as last year

the thread                     remains where i left it              twisted among the thorns

when night comes                    the full moon shines bright
the owl on silent wing              brings death                 to small creatures who venture out

blinded by the light of the moon                                  it could be a form of suicide

                                    there is much to fear when the sun goes down

November 8, 2014

Note:  I wrote this for the Sunday Whirl, but when I went to Robert's PAD Challenge, he asked us to write a blind poem…it seemed to work for both.



a visitor to the millicent rogers museum fall antiques show                  

spotted an amerian indian doll and           a pair of moccasins

authentic kachina dolls                    jewelry from tiffany & co

recently stolen from her                              home             

yikes               she yelled                   these are mine         

antiques worth thousands of                                  dollars           

offered by a dealer from                              albuquerque

the perp                                 was traced by the paper trail
150 items                   booty of thieves                     taken from his home
he now resides in                  the taos county adult dention center

got any info                                        call taos county crime stoppers

November 9, 2014





Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love this poem full of owls and magpies. Especially the "owl on silent wing". You are surrounded by such beauty, Annell, and you share it with us so we can see it, too. Lovely.

Jae Rose said...

For some reason I found joy in this Annell...that darkness is present and if we try we can understand it and maybe still move the cycles of the moon and the rising of the sun xo

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The loneliness of trees is something I never considered before I read your poem. Now I imagine that bereft of leaves and children they could be lonely indeed.

Suicide Note

humbird said...

Loved 'a crossroads between autumn and winter' and trees trying to fill their emptiness ~ nice work with space...and I need to check another challenge...thanks, Annnell

Anonymous said...

I love the randomness of the layout.

Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

This one was wonderful - I truly enjoyed the scattering of words - it seemed for me to absolutely resonate with random threatening nature of life

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Just came back and saw the second poem.......I am so glad the dealer listened and that the thief was caught.

flaubert said...

Love the format of this and the message. I tried calling the other day, but were not home. I will try this week.

Pamela ox

Kate Mia said...

Yes.. i think all art is a journey and never a goal to plan or tell.. without the
gold of heart inspiring.. without a plane or boat...

that never sails... and flies free.. :)

in word or brushed paint


oar...and wing....

to simply sing....