Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 24, 2015 The Sunday Whirl/Waiting for Sleep

Waiting for Sleep

instead of i don't know            i say maybe                                maybe it will rain

maybe it will snow                  maybe it won't                            and miles to go before I sleep

my nights often seem so          the clock chimes on the table      next to the bed

another hour has passed           my thoughts trite                         mixed up

often have no meaning             or maybe...                                   my aim is just to get some rest

my mind won't turn off             the spirit of thoughts continue      words tumble onto the bed covers

scorch the sheets                       if only i could sign                        no longer need to spell

silently they would fall             on the landscape like                     rain

quench the thirst                        of a changing clime                      sleep would come at last

January 24, 2014


  1. well if it could snow sleep....smiles....nice little frost homage in there too...i like the little twist on this form with the extra word under the line...not sure its intentional but i like it...

  2. I LOVE the idea of signing those night thoughts so they would fall "like rain". I so know those long nights of thoughts, when you long for sleep. I like the words tumbling onto the bed and scorching the sheets - great capture, that is what it feels like!

  3. I always enjoy reading the 'column' forms that your poems take on.

  4. I think I can relate to those nights...I believe the most important words stay so we are safe to sleep and trust they will be there when we wake up

  5. Love the ending annell! There need to be changes, friendly changes that brings sound sleep!


  6. This is such a clever poem, it can be read so many ways.

  7. Love how you set this poem up, Annell. I believe you have described my sleep pattern as of late. I have come out of a deep depression and ended it with the flu. I hope you are well.

    Pamela ox

  8. You manage to convey the feeling of insomnia so well.. and even some quotes from Mr Frost in there.. the scorch of sheet felt especially apt.

    The soot that's settled

  9. Although you speak of insomnia, your form of choice, gives us a physical image of it. It reads like a stream of consciousness, which may be what insomnia is: the mind irked by our busyness during the day, stepping in when we stop moving and saying, "Okay, you wouldn't listen earlier, but now I have your full undivided attention so will tell you what I think." I applaud you again,


  10. The form of this is so clever and in so many ways it depicts what a night of insomnia can be like.....many positions, tossing and turning in many directions. Very clever.

  11. What a great depiction of the mind at work trying to sleep. Perhaps a glass or two of wine may help.

  12. What a great depiction of the mind at work trying to sleep. Perhaps a glass or two of wine may help.

  13. I've been there. Robin's right. Wine helps.