Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 7, 2014 deVerse/Painting is Dead/ Poets United Midweek Motif

Painting is Dead

the painter              Paul Delaroche first said the words      1839

painting is dead      dead as a doornail                       ...I was born much later

yet                          i chose painting as my profession

and already many times                                           painting had been declared dead

then alive               then dead                                     alive again

yet dead or not       painting can still                          thrill

charm                     warm                                            inform

puzzle                     inspire                                          comfort

look at Van Gogh   you are dazzled                            out of the present moment

it has been ignored   still it won't lie down                 won't give up

it still challenges      offers a new way to see              a new way to be

a new way to say      painting will never                     die

it will always be       at the least a whisper                 in the wind

men and women       dedicate their lives to it             dream of it

covet it                      long for it                                  steal it

it is not dead today    and it never will be              the heart still beats

as new today as ever     a mystery                            full of magic

Januaray 7, 2015

Note:  The prompt for the midweek motif was all about 7's.  Now I am in my seventies...I have been practicing painting for over 50 might think one has it in the 7th decade of his life...still some who are in their seventies are just beginning.  So, I humbly offer my poem, Painting is Dead.


Björn Rudberg said...

I think you are right.. and so correct when even the obsolete technology is converted to paintings.. films CD,s and floppy disks... so correct.
BTW I took the freedom of correcting the link at Mr Linky..

Susan said...

I did the Link correction for Poets United, too. Glad I found you! My Mom, in her 90s, has created art for 7 decades. I like that link to our prompt. I feel the living thrill of Van Gogh too, and hear so many art "whispers in the wind." Thanks for posting with us.

Brian Miller said...

art has a way of recreating itself...much like life...
just when we think it all has been done....someone finds a way...

Mary said...

Oh, I don't think painting is ever dead. Your painting is definitely alive.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"the heart still beats as new today as yesterday....full of magic." A beautiful conclusion!

Grace said...

How the artist that can make the painting alive ~ I like your interpretation, making the old new, a mystery, full of magic ~

Kate Mia said...

Painting like this with words is truly delight.. as it never stays the same and is always art in progress on canvas of heart!..:)

G L Meisner said...

Sounds so like all the arts. Well written.

Jae Rose said...

As long as there are artists painting and art will always live ;)

grapeling said...

quite a bit of coveting, too. well penned ~